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Schindlers Forensics Ai has identified the increasing need for specialist skills, to combat the scourge of collusion, bribery and corruption, in the governmental and private sectors, civil society, and other regulatory and private bodies, within the South African markets.

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Data Processing Technology

SchinTech is a tech focused consulting company, looking to create actionable intelligence for our clients, helping with everything from data processing engines and managed services to portfolio analytics and business centric training courses.

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Blockchain Technology

Virtual Nation Builders (VNB) creates communities based on decentralized blockchain infrastructure, building immutable historical community records. These communities are governed by smart contacts and use consensus based decision making that allow communities to create their own policies and regulations.

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Digital Legal Ecosystem

Dispute-It has re-imagineered the courts by creating a digital ecosystem platform, which through the use of bespoke technology and mathematical formula breathe meaning into the wisdom of the crowds, which combines the collective knowledge and consciousness of the people to resolve disputes.

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Dynamic Share Registers built on holocracy

Collab Technologies has re-imagineered business collaboration by developing a framework focused on facilitating structured collaborative practices using the principles of holocracy and dynamic share registries.

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Cannabis Industry

M & R offers legal support in various fields of cannabis law, advising clients throughout the world including, Cannabis Corporate and Intellectual Property law, Medicinal Cannabis Licencing and Compliance, Recreational Cannabis law, Criminal Defence Litigation that includes High Court litigation for Stays in Prosecution and Litigation involving reviews of decisions by state functionaries and the protection and preservation of intellectual property, statutory and common law rights.

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